The people have been denied the power knowledge gives, which means we’ve effectively been governed by Big Oil on climate change.” –Rep. Jamie Raskin, Oct. 23rd, 2019

The disastrous impacts of a warming world weren’t always inevitable.

Like the opioid industry and tobacco before it, Big Oil knew their products were dangerous long before we did. But instead of sharing their research and leading the transition to clean energy, they decided to bankroll an enormously successful campaign to deceive the American public and lawmakers about those very risks.

Thanks to the corruption of a small but powerful few, we were denied the chance to stop climate crisis from coming to head for decades. Now, as you probably already know, we’re facing unprecedented consequences to public health, the economy, land, jobs and lives— and the worst has yet to come.

That’s where EXXONKNEWS comes in.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the fossil fuel industry’s continued campaigns to deny, delay, deceive, and pass off the price of their operations to individuals and communities— and what’s being done to hold them accountable.

The industry likes to paint us as treehuggers, but we’re truth-tellers. And if humanity has any chance of surviving this, not to mention bringing justice to communities already suffering from climate breakdown, the CEOs still making a killing off our destruction need to step right on out of the way. We’re here to make their attempts to muddy the waters as difficult as possible, and to bring the narrative on climate back to the people— back to those who are feeling the heat.

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About the Center for Climate Integrity

The Center for Climate Integrity, a project of the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, is driven by our mission to empower citizens and elected officials with the knowledge and tools they need to hold polluters accountable for their contributions to the climate crisis.

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